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Bruce Lee Statue in Hong Kong

This site is dedicated to martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

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About Bruce Lee

There is no person on this planet that hasn't heard of Bruce Lee, that is for sure. Even escorts love his work and all the amazing things that he did for the film industry, modern philosophy, Asian culture in general, and of course, martial arts.

The American and Hong Kong actor and filmmaker was born in 1940 and his actual name was Lee Jun-fan. Even though he lived only 33 years, his work is still being celebrated and many of his colleagues, commentators, fellow martial artists and critics call him the most influential martial artist ever. An escort Madrid knows much more about him, for sure, and some of them may even be fans of his philosophy and overall lifestyle.

How did the acting happen?

It is quite unusual for a sportsman to get into any other career and that is the reason why people are often interested to know how it all went down with Bruce Lee. Before actually getting into martial arts, Bruce Lee had played in more than twenty movies. An escort finds this quite interesting, since no one, even some of his fans, know about this fact. His father Lee Hoi-chuen, was a famous Cantonese opera actor, so Bruce was introduced to the whole world of acting quite early in his life. Until the age of 18, his father managed to put him into more than 20 movies, but his real career started only once he moved to United States.

While living in US for the first five years, from 1959 to 1964, Bruce Lee didn't make much effort to restart his acting career. Escorts that you can find on Escort Directory will always ask why that, but the main reason is actually that he was totally in love with martial arts. He finally met William Dozier in Long Beach in 1964 during an exhibition and that is how everything started. From that point on everything happened to fast and most of his acting career that he is known for today developed during the next nine years.

Why people love Bruce Lee?

There were so many tributes to Bruce Lee over the years, and even a few documentaries that showed how it was to be Bruce Lee and keep up with everything. Still, the biggest part of his life is a huge mystery to many people, including one of the most important parts - his death. Many escorts that were there to see this happening, and all the theories unfold were shocked by how many people cared.

Bruce Lee wasn't only an actor and martial artist, he was also a poet and philosopher. People and each escort that you will meet love him because of this, since he managed to do so much in his life. His famous quotes like 'be water my friend' are only parts of the huge amount of writing that he created. One thing that all escorts will find amazing is that he tried his whole life to be one with nature, and find harmony between his body and soul. This is the main thing that makes his so interesting for even the younger generations, solely because of his other work besides his movies.