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FISTS OF FURY - Released 1972 - Approx. 101 minutes - Stars [ Bruce Lee, Maria Yi, James Tien, Han Ying Chieh, Tony Liu, Nora Miao Ker Hsiu ] - This is the Bruce Lee's first major motion picture. The backdrop is in Bangkok where Lee takes a job in an ice factory. Soon, he finds himself caught in a web of evil activities. The movie showcases Bruce Lee's kung fu fighting talent as he fights for justice and survival.

THE CHINESE CONNECTION - Released 1972 - Highly Recommended - Approx. 107 minutes - Stars [ Bruce Lee, Nora Miao Ker Hsiu, James Tien, Robert Baker ] - The backdrop is early 1900's in Shanghai, China. This is the best Bruce Lee movie of them all! In this action-packed movie, Bruce Lee seeks revenge on the gang responsible for the death of his kung fu teacher. This is a typical martial art movie where Bruce Lee seems to be upstopable as he finishes off the Japanese aggressors one by one. Overall, this movie is very entertaining and highly recommended for martial art movie enthusiasts.

ENTER THE DRAGON - Released 1973 - Highly Recommended - Approx. 95 minutes - Stars [ Bruce Lee, John Saxon, Jim Kelly, Bob Wall, Bolo Yeung, Shih Kien, Angela Mao Yin, Betty Cheung, Geoffrey Weeks, Yang Sze, Peter Archer, Ahna Capri ] - This is all-star cast Bruce Lee ass kicking movie! The backdrop is on a remote island of an evil drug warlord. Bruce Lee is sent there to close business with his ass kicking kung fu way. This movie is fast-pace and full of humor!

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