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Pictures showing Bruce Lee moments

All celebrities and famous people must have some loved and hated pictures of themselves out there. It is almost natural for people to want to see them in all kinds of situations and positions, while they are happy, sad or even while they are crying.

Bruce Lee is one of those famous people, if not even celebrities, who was photographed quite a few times during his days. Even some of the world's most famous actors today don't surpass him in number of media floating around on the internet. The reason for this is that Bruce was a loved person, he was some kind of a mystery to everyone, but also an opened book for those who knew to read his language and writing.

Typical Bruce Lee moments

Even though Bruce Lee is an important person in the fields of poetry and philosophy, and especially martial arts, he is mostly known for his acting. But he never missed to include elements of his other hobbies and professions into his acting abilities and work on the big screen. The most famous scenes of him are, of course and totally naturally, fighting ones. That is where most of his pictures and screenshots come from.

Most of the young people today know him only for that one thing - fighting in front of a camera with some quite badass skills. Still, after reading all of this, there is so much more to know about Bruce and how he became who he is today. You can dig a little bit more on Wikipedia and many books written about him and you will see that this incredible person was quite emotional and tried his whole life to find peace within himself. That is where he found inspiration for his poems and philosophy, so make sure to read some of those, they are quite powerful.